Our story is packed with cross border adventure and exhilaration. We met while studying in UK and what followed was like a bollywood masala blockbuster ;). After several dramatic years of separation and the pursuit of astrological perfection through arranged marriage, we now happily live in Prague. 

Over time, we realised how invaluable the cross cultural experience has been. For both of us, the challenge has been to navigate a vastly different socio-cultural landscape. As visualisers, we decided to take care of this by exploring ways to connect the rich traditions of making in Czech and India through our own idiosyncratic aesthetic. Not only would this keep us connected to our family and friends on both ends, it would help us explore and immerse into both cultures. Jain&Kriz was conceived as a space that could be an expression of our fluid identities based on these experiences that constantly shift and shape our sense of self.

As a graphic design and research studio, Jain&Kriz collaborates with makers and creatives on both sides of the globe to create unique textiles, apparel, jewellery and branding. Our scribbles and doodles form the basis for playing with different materials. Jain&Kriz's design vision is distinctly cross-disciplinary, incorporating a passion and respect for the handmade into our work. We are dedicated to producing goods made within an ethically-sourced supply chain, which we research and adjust continually as we learn.

Anvita received MFA in 2D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art, Michigan USA after studying in UK and India. Krystof received MA in Visual Communication from BIAD, UK after studying in Germany and Czech Republic. A&K have both been Associate Lecturers of Art and Design at Prague College. 



  • World Markets (focusing on textiles and jewellery)
  • Histories of design and its industries in South Asia
  • Representing “traditional” culture within a transnational framework
  • Design and postcolonial development
  • Design and Trans/National Experiences
  • Re-reading Orientalism
  • Merging boundaries of art, craft and design
  • History of contemporary jewellery
  • Indian material culture and emerging contemporary jewellery in South Asian context





Ambiente, Frankfurt

Maison-Objet (September), Paris


Maison-Objet (January), Paris


Maison-Objet (September), Paris